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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The happiness revolution

Inspired by Astra @ here's April's happiness list;

1. Sunshine
2. Lighter evenings
3. Nature coming to life & more outdoor photography opportunities
4. Cheese on toast, morning coffees and barbecues- yum!
5. Cosy dinners and film nights in with BF; its fajitas tonight!
6. Slowly realising that owning our own home may eventually come true
7. Easter bank holiday- four whole days off!
8. Easter eggs arriving in the post at work
9. Blogging and one day making some extra money from my efforts
10. Being grateful for what we have

Why not write your own happiness list? xx

Ps. can any visitors have a click on my ads, I'm nearly at £43 but need it to get to £60 before Google releases my payment.

Big thanks to any clickers and commenters too :) x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Just a quickie..

Just a quick ask, my Google adsense pin came through last night which I set up. My grand total is currently hovering around the £12 mark, so I ask any visitors to the blog to please click on an ad on your way through and I'll be extremely grateful! I'm hoping that around May time I can buy some new spring clothes with this money as my wardrobe needs a bit of a spring injection as everything is looking a bit tired.

Happy hump day x