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Monday, 1 April 2013

A bit of a strange Easter week

This week has been a bit of a strange one- I had two days annual leave on Monday & Tuesday as the BF had his last week to use up before the new financial year.

On Monday I went to have my nails done (£15) for a gel manicure that lasts for three weeks- Whenever I paint my nails they smudge and chip off within days and I was ashamed of my scruffy nails.

We went for a (cheap!) pub lunch £8.00 for two meals and drinks, went to B&Q, chose some wallpaper for our new flat (we actually agreed! :) and I had a phone call from my Mum.

She told me had some bad news- that my Nan had died. Despite being almost 95 years old it was still a bit of a shock as I had last seen her at Christmas and she was perfectly fine. I think it was a shock because there had been a house fire. However, the post mortem revealed that she had had a heart attack, fallen and knocked one of the knobs on the cooker which had then started a house fire, which was confined to the kitchen.

Although we wasn't particularly close to her it was upsetting and I really felt for my Dad, so the week has passed in a bit of a sad, weird blur. And the funeral isn't until the end of the month either :(

However, because of this I no-longer need to borrow money from my parents for the increased deposit, which is a strange feeling as it was my Nan & Granddad's money, but also a bit of a relief.

This week we have eaten out almost every day as we have had things on, and my wing mirror was also smashed off my car as I had parked in the alley behind the flat, so I'm kind of looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and getting back into a bit of a more normal routine.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their break and sorry for the gloomy post- RIP Nan. xx