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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Budget bath time

I run out of face wash yesterday so had a hunt through all my toiletry supplies and came across this Johnson's sachet of gel facewash and moisturiser. I usually throw these samples in the bin, but the sachet contained enough face wash to double cleanse to get all the city grime off which I was pleasantly surprised by. 

Next, not wanting to waste my nice shower cream oil on shaving my legs I grabbed this cheap bottle of conditioner to use as shaving gel. I'd read some good things about this conditioner on another blog and thought I would give it a go as my hair was feeling kind of dry- however it made my hair greasy within one day, so its been relegated. 

Finally, I dug out some scented body lotion which I never get round to using. I'm determined to get through my piles of toiletries, including mountains of Soap and Glory products amongst others before (fingers crossed!) we can move out. I really don't want to move, or throw out this kind of stuff. 

After having a quick sort through of products though I seem to have accumulated a couple of bottles of shampoo I don't really want to use on my hair. Does anyone have any alternative uses for shampoo? If so please let me know.


Monday, 21 May 2012

Scrubbed, polished and ready to go....

Happy as a pig in mud :) Before...
Tonight with the BF at work I took inspiration once again from Froogs aka Frugal Queen and turned my bathroom into a DIY spa experience.

First of all I rummaged around in the dressing table unit (picked up from Freecycle last year) for a bottle of lavender oil I bought a few years ago. I splashed some onto a flannel, ran the shower so it was all steamy and covered the plug hole with the flannel so the oil would evaporate with the steam- turning my turning the humble shower cubicle into my very own sauna. 

Next I cleansed my face as normal with a Boots own cleanser, then followed up by smearing a layer of their cold cream onto my face, massaged for a few minutes then removed with a warm muslin cloth which came with a hot cloth cleanser I bought in the Boots Boxing day sale. I followed this with an exfoliating face scrub, before applying a Sanctury mud face mask, which was also part of the Sancutry set I bought after Christmas. 

Whilst this was drying I exfoliated using a body scrub which was a birthday present, then toweled my skin and applied some body mud which I was given six bottles of as part of a magazine give away about a month or so ago. 

Once the mud had started to set I jumped back into the shower and rinsed it all off. Once I was dry I applied lots of  facial moisturiser, Boots own part of  a 3-for-2 deal then slapped on the Soap and Glory  body lotion (Christmas presents for the last few years- I've built up quite a collection!). 

Once this was all done I turned my attention to my poor neglected feet. I think there isn't anything worse than seeing a woman wearing flip flops or sandals with awful cracked heals. So I attacked mine with a vengeance using the Ped Egg, which was a present a few years ago. Once my tootsies were free from the hard, dry skin I smothered them in an intensive foot cream which was part of The Sanctury bath set which was a birthday present, popping cotton socks on to seal in the moisture. 

Once my Clinique wide awake toner stuff runs out, which, although I love, I don't love enough to splash my cash on at the moment I'm going to have to downgrade to an old toner from Tesco that I bought over a year ago, resorting to an old green tea tea bag to give me 'firm' skin- supposedly!  

Here I am sans make up after my scrubbing and polishing session; not too bad though I wish my under eye bags/circles would go away (please excuse the vacant-eyed-stare!). Does anyone have any tips on getting rid of them? Is it really a case of eating more iron based foods, or do I have to rely on the magic touch of concealer forever? 

If you have any DIY beauty secrets please share.....go on I won't tell, my lips are sealed! ;-)