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Monday, 20 August 2012

Where has August gone?

I'm not sure where to even begin...the last time I blogged was exactly a month ago. The break wasn't intentional but I just felt I couldn't continue documenting every tiny thing as I was getting frustrated with things not happening quicker, so I'll try to start at the beginning where I left off what's been happening. 

My new toy :)
First of all I handed my notice in at my last job, and despite the team dropping down from three to one they were prepared to let both myself and my manager walk away. Fine. The worst bit, they hardly even bothered to speak to us before our last days, which coincidentally were just one day apart. Then a few days before he was about to leave they said he could come back. 

Needless to say I wasn't very happy about the situation with the management, but the rest of the teams I had worked with over the last eleven months were lovely.  The people I worked with have a collection whenever someone leaves, and they bought me this Kindle case as well as a £10 amazon voucher so I could get downloading and reading straight away which I thought was pretty nice.

So, prior to handing my notice in myself and some of the other 'grads' spent about six weeks orgainising an office Olympics, which unveiled the bossiness in some. Anyways, at the final event we were all given £75 worth of vouchers to spend as a thank you which I thought was pretty nice. I was going to spend it on new work clothes as mine were looking worse for wear and wanted to look presentable when I started my new job. Then I thought, why not spend it on something I wouldn't buy myself... like a Kindle? 

I voiced my thoughts to the BF, to his horror as he was planning to buy me one as a present with the extra money from his new paycheck. I was never keen on the idea of the Kindle, thinking what's wrong with a good old book. But I didn't expect to love it as much as I do, haha. I find I can hold it one handed so read much quicker and I think its actually more enjoyable to read on. So much so I whizzed through the Hunger Games trilogy in just a few weeks. I read the majority during my week and a half off, and whilst we went to Bournemouth for a long weekend. (I'm now saving the vouchers to use as presents instead). 

Beautiful Bournemouth
The weekend away was part of my birthday present to my BF, along with some Lyle and Scott t-shirts and socks- they had a 50% off sale on their existing sale if that makes sense so I bagged some pretty good bargains there. Secondly, the weekend away was purchased through one of those gift websites, but luckily I have a friend that works there who was willing to give me his 30% discount code. 

One day at work the deal popped into my inbox, £100 for two nights stay in a three star spa hotel with breakfast too, which after the discount came to £70. I also made use of the free tickets for SW trains that they gave me when I bought my season ticket so our travel there and back cost absolutely nothing. It was so nice to get away, have some time together, the rain held off all weekend and we even managed a swim in the heated outdoor pool! 

BT Live- London 2012 

We spent the rest of our week off together cycling about, pottering around and generally enjoying each others company. One day though I did venture into central London to meet an old uni friend. We went to BT Live to watch the Olympics on the big screens. She had just got back from holiday and constantly is at her overdraft limit so we thought it would be a nice, cheap day out. 

I packed a picnic but when we got there we were told that we weren't allowed to bring food or drink in. We sat outside along with all the other people cramming ourselves with food to avoid wasting it before heading through security to watch the games and to see some cheesy boy band and Alexander Burke. Once again, despite threatening to rain the sun came out- yay! 
Practicing my portraits 
Hmm, what else.. ok. So the BF got his first paycheck, and enjoyed his first month as the breadwinner, a feeling I think we both enjoyed. He then got £300 a few days ago for the scrap copper they pulled out the air con units, so this month has doubled his old salary. 

He's so excited, has opened his ISA, put £1000 away so far and has paid me back a chunk of the money he owed me for paying his credit card off earlier in the year. He's going to give me the last £135 on Friday when he gets paid and he'll be debt free :) I had to 'borrow' the money from him this month because I had to pay back my season ticket loan, meaning I had to pay for six months worth of travel all in one paycheck. Needless to say, I havn't been able to put any money into my ISA this month, but will be putting my 'travel' money in whenever I get paid to make it up. 

Sunday afternoon photo session x

I think now he's earning more (for now anyways due to getting paid more to work nights) meaning he can contribute towards our deposit a bit he's getting used to the idea of buying a property and that it might actually happen, and he was even looking online the other day too at a property website whereas before it was always me getting excited and planning. 

Finally it was time to go back to work- I've been at my new place for nine days now and I didn't realise it would be so surreal and hard trying to learn all the new processes, finding out where all our log ins etc are kept on the shared computer drive, even the new journey has thrown me. 

I can't get the tube anymore so have been getting the bus, which has been kind of annoying. The queues are rediculously long in the morning, and there is so much traffic. However, today I managed to walk without getting lost which took me half an hour and is quite a good work out too. I tried walking home, but bumped into someone I used to work with and got all confused and lost my bearings :S. 

Coupled with the fact its been horrendously busy due to about ten different university clearing campaigns going live on the same day I've been pretty tired when I get home, especically as I hardly ever leave on time anymore. But the time flies by, unlike my last job which is always a good thing right?

Ok so I hope I havn't bored you too much, I think I'll be posting more regularly again now I'm hoping to get back into my old routine.  

Monday, 2 April 2012

Books I'm lovin'

Since I stepped up my saving game around October, when I started my new job in London I've read  more books than I have in the last few years since I was at university. 

From the age of five I constantly had my head buried in a book, which I think helped me throughout school to do well in the humanity based subjects. I think reading is a fundamental part of a child's development as it helps to improve spelling, writing, vocabulary, attention span...the list is endless. 

After managing to achieve to A's at GCSE in English and English literature it was a natural (if somewhat delayed) decision to study English literature at university. However, uni life took over and my shelves of books were skim read in preparation for the arduous task of writing countless essays. 

I think choosing this degree killed my love of books somewhat, and I found that after uni between working a full time, and part time job picking up a book was a rarity that was confined to holidays only.  I also drove to work for two years, so I didn't have much of an opportunity to squeeze my reading  sessions into my daily life compared to now that I commute to work. I find its a great to lose myself in a story, and what's more books give you hours of entertainment for very little cost. 

Over the last six months the library has been indispensable; primarily due to the fact we have moved and its now just across the road. I thought I would share my favourite books that I've read over the past few months with you; here goes!

1. One day by David Nicholls. 

This was bought for me as a birthday present, and once I had opened its brightly coloured cover I was gripped. It was a real page turner, and I would highly recommend the book to anyone. I read the book and was intrigued to watch the film. Though the story stays true to the text the acting is wooden and somewhat disappointing so read the book first. 

2. The help by Kathryn Stockett  
This was recommended to me by someone who had also read 'One day' who said if I liked this book I would love 'The help'. I found this book a little difficult to get into at first, but once I had broken through the into part I was hooked. Again, I watched the film once I had finished the book and though it was acted better than 'One day' I still enjoyed the book more. 

3. The time travelers wife by Audrey Niffenegger 

This was also given to me as a gift, and I absolutely loved the look and feel of this vintage edition (pictured above). The novel lingered on my bookshelf for around six months when I finally decided to get stuck in. Again it was a little difficult to get into as the text flips back and forth in time but lots of people have commented on the novel when they have seen it on my desk as to what a lovely story it is. I'm part way through, and watched a little of the film last night. I plan to watch the rest over the course of this week. 

4. Water for elephants by Sara Greun 

This was recommended to me by the person who recommended 'The help' and after enjoying that book so much I ordered this from Amazon for about £1.50. At first I thought the story was a little odd, a reflective story told by an elderly man about a travelling circus, but after a couple of chapters I couldn't help but love it. The writing is very descriptive, so I think it's definitely worth a read. Since finishing this tale I really want to pay a visit to the circus again. I also havn't seen the film yet, but want to when it makes it onto LoveFilm or Netflicks. 

5. 'E' by Matt Beaumont 

A must read for anyone working at an advertising agency; this was recommended by a number of people at work who described it as hilarious and true to life. It was a fast paced read, and the story is told through a series of email trails. I found it captured some of the typical characters working at the ad agency, and even found myself relating some characters to those around me. There is also a couple of sequels to this, but colleagues have warned that like many sequels they ain't quite as good as the original. 

What are you reading at the moment? 

Another hot question often asked by fellow book lovers, are you for or against The Kindle? x