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Friday, 10 February 2012

Lunch time post

I would like to welcome the latest follower to my blog, Jack McCallum! Although this blog is to track my saving journey it's always nice to see people are interested in what I have to say.

I'm also treating myself (a little) this lunchtime due to the unexpected tax rebate- Thai food for lunch, £4.00 but will probably be my dinner too, and a six pack of diet cokes to keep under my desk on offer for £2.50.

I've taken out £20 for the weekend, which should cover a bottle of something for tomorrow evenings gathering, and a half price trip to the cinema seeing this week come to a total spend of approximately £30 from my disposable bank account. Hope you all have a great weekend, Happy Friday! x

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday the 13th....

Happy Friday the 13th readers- does anyone have anything nice planned for the weekend?

This week has gone by quite a lot quicker than last week, even though I've been at work an extra day. I stumbled across this interesting article on one of my favourite websites about money management and shopping which makes for some interesting reading.

And this is also worth a quick skim

I have also been pondering some New Year's resolutions, and better late than never here they are as well as some commentary on the last few weeks.

1. Save and reach target of £10,000 in my ISA account and look into putting this money into a fixed account with a higher interest rate. I want to achieve this by around July time ideally.

2. This year I want to go on a 'proper' holiday towards the end of the year. In our four years together we have never been on holiday on our own either so I want to make sure this happens, which means regular stashing of joint account money as and when to take the financial edge off when we come to book.

3. I want to keep my job for at least a year. I passed my probation period this week too (helloooo private healthcare, but sadly no contribution pension scheme for new entrants :(). Last year I had three different jobs which messed up my stability and my pay somewhat as it was just too tempting to take a week off between jobs unpaid (one week wasn't my fault though!) Finally I am in a job where I can actually see myself staying all being well so I hope this one happens this year.

4. I wanted to include Zumba dancing into my exercise routine this year, however there is only one class on at the weekend and it seems everyone is getting up at the crack of dawn come Friday morning to clamour for a place. Two weeks into the new year and I'm yet to secure a place. Note to self, call the gym as soon as I open my eyes next week.

5. This one is a little odd but I want to get my hair cut asymmetrically properly. I had this done once by a bit of an inexperienced hairdresser and it just looked a bit wonky. My hair appointment is already booked at a salon I went to once before and was really pleased with it for the end of the month.

6. Another one which seems to be going okay so far, cutting down on cans of coke. I've substituted the fizz for sparkling water but treated myself today as a little Friday treat.

7. I want to start drinking more water again, which I have been trying to do whilst at work.

8. I want to make the most of my annual train ticket and see more of London and make the most of it. I wanted to go to a fashion photography exhibition today at Somerset House but it closes at 6pm and I won't make it in time. May have to be shelved until a day off. I do intend to be in town to experience the Chinese New Year celebrations at the end of the month which I haven't seen since I was little.

9. I want to go on a short break to Bath as I have never been before.

10. And finally I want to keep my blog up over the next twelve months as its a great way to learn from others, practice my writing regularly and reflect over the year. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Diet Coke break

So over the last few years I've been hooked on cans of the fizzy stuff, and after going cold turkey for two weeks in the summer and resisting the urge to crack open a nicely chilled can upon setting foot back in the UK I recently crumbled again, succumbing to its bubbly taste.

There's something satisfying about hearing the noise of the ring-pull, and first few moments when you feel the cool liquid bubble its way down your throat. However, after watching a couple of gripping 'How to look 10 years younger' episodes and seeing a woman in her forties with hardly any teeth thanks to her caffeine addiction it's high time I kicked the habit for good. In addition to this, in the free London newspaper, The Metro its also been revealed that teens who drink more than five cans of fizzy drink per day are more prone to aggressive tendencies- so perhaps that explains the behaviour of one particular ex-colleague!

So here goes my Diet Coke Break....

Day one- I've made it past 11am and into the lunch hour zone. And I'm currently resisting the urge to hop-foot it over the road into Sainsburys. Must keep picturing toothless woman for motivation.

Day two- I didn't even think about the beloved cans of Diet Coke today, but I did wash my dinner down with a few sneaky gulps of Doctor Pepper- note to self need to stock up of sparkling water.

Day three- Resisted the lure of Diet Coke whilst dithering in Sainsburys looking for afternoon snacks. So craving something sweet where I would normally have satisfied this with a swig of Diet Coke I instead ate a whole box of Malteasers. That's right a whole box! I wonder what's better for me? I went shopping in Bluewater, craved a can of the good stuff but didn't give in choosing instead some supposed 'Vitamin' water instead- Yummy :S. Somehow it didn't have quite the same effect.

Day four- It seems to be getting a little easier to resist. My next door desk neighbour had a bottle of the bubbly stuff at lunch time and I managed not to follow suit. Craving my usual afternoon caffeine fix I had a coffee instead.

Some interesting reading....

Day five- I went out for dinner in the evening and resisted the urge, choosing a can of 7up instead.

Day six- Had a busy day so didn't even think of Diet Coke....

Day seven- Again, went out for lunch and opted for tap water (cheap and cheerful) instead of my usual bubbly, brown beverage.

Day eight- Back to work and again no Diet Coke...

Day nine- Unfortunately after a slightly traumatic lunchtime experience where I literally wanted the ground to open up so that I could fall into it and hide it left me heading at top speed to Sainsburys in need of comfort. Taking a sip at my desk it tasted gooood, and threw in some dry roasted peanuts for good measure. I think it helped.

I think I did well to last for that long, and will definatley be cutting back on the DC and reserving it for special occasions only... such as days when I'm hungover and the such like.