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Monday, 9 July 2012

Decisions, decisions....

Just a quick post as I'm currently at work- last week I had a very informal, very unexpected interview with someone from a rival recruitment advertising agency thanks to a friend putting my name forward and the power of LinkedIn.

We met for coffee, had a chat and I have just received an email with the job offer. The salary is 2k more than my current salary, and my current manager and friend has been treated kind of badly by the company after almost five years and is leaving too. I'm kind of in limbo as to what to do, the extra money is enough to cover my monthly train fare, which means things won't be as tight and I can carry on saving as I am now a little more comfortabley. It also means we will be able to borrow more money next year (fingers crossed)....only I've been burned before. What if I leave and it's worse? But then I will never leave and never know. Decisions, decisions indeed. Only time will tell, I have a meeting with my manager tomorrow and then will have to hand my notice in and see what happens because if I go too that leaves just one person in my department. 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Another weekend, another update

Things on the blog front are starting to seem a bit predictable right?....

Anyways, this weekend went pretty much as planned and was good on the spending front; I budgeted £20 for drinks out on Friday night, a catchup with old work friends. I really enjoyed the eve and spent just £8.50 as I was so busy chatting away.

Saturday, I worked at Twickenham as there was another rugby game on. I did 10-4 so should get £35 quid (approx.) for this; the game wasn't until five, so we didn't get busy until half two when it went mental. I finished at four, ate my free dinner, abbott ale steak pie, mash, beans and gravy and escaped the madness. I watched some of the Chelsea game with my housemate and snoozed the eve away.

Sunday myself and the BF had the entire day together, which is somewhat of a rarity. We spent it cycling the surrey countryside out in the fresh air which is what I needed. By the time we arrived home it was dinner time; we cooked chicken thighs, drumsticks and wings in a marinade, some rice which was egg fried as the eggs go off tomorrow and home-made guacamole. I've just eaten the left overs at work, which were also yummy! (It's a no-spend day for me today!)

This week will be a little busier and more fun filled than last week, with cinema, dinner and theatre trips planned throughout the week, and a house party this weekend. On Thursday the BF has an interview as such with an air conditioning firm for an apprentice position. It means that if he gets the job he'll be a- working with one of his best friends, b-working normal hours so we'll have a higher quality life together now and in the future, c- once he qualifies he will earn more than what he can if he progresses in retail management d- he'll get a company van which will mean free travel for us too!

On the flip side, for this year he won't earn as much as he would once his promotion goes through at work which means I'll be the one saving- however I had only worked out what I was able to put away anyways, so that isn't too much of a disaster as I hadn'd really banked on help anyways.

He's rediculously excitied, but I can't help but think I shouldn't get my hopes up just in case it crumbles around us again. Tonight I'll be re-writing his CV which he'll need to take along with him on Thursday.

Fingers crossed.