Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fulfilling my resolutions

Tropicana brightening up Trafalger Square

Today myself and the BF had the day off to spend together which we (I?) decided would be best spent taking in what our capital city has to offer.

 It was one of my new years resolutions to make more of London, and I believe I am starting to fulfill it. Earlier on in the week I made sure to check out Tropicana's art installation in Trafalgar Square; a bright artificial sun which is meant to be visible from space. 

Somerset House: Forgotton Spaces exhibition
Today we went to Borough Market, a food market close to London Bridge. I always mentioned going whenever we passed by on the train, yet had never got round to it. We tasted some foods that were on offer, lots of cheese and bread etc and tucked into German Bratwurst sausages in buns, followed by slabs of fresh cheesecake and coffee for dessert. 

Lovely wood grain
We then went over to Somerset House to see an exhibition which was recomended to me by a friend. '20 years of dazed and confused' which was on fashion photography. Then next door we noticed there was a journalism expo; This documented how the development of technology had changed the shape of journalism. The section on the 2011 riots was particularly interesting- the journos had to go undercover by dressing as yobs to capture the sheer carnage. The Gadaffi coverage was also interesting and covered the debate on whether the public should have been able to see the graphic images of his death which were plastered everywhere.  

We had a couple of drinks in a few pubs to round the day off which came to a total cost of; 

Travel: free for me (season ticket), discounted travel card for BF £5.40

Drinks: £8.40 first round, £6.40 second round (joint account) 

Food: £8.00 hotdogs 
£5.00 x2 huge slabs of cheesecake (should have shared)
£5.00 x2 coffees 

View overlooking the Thames
Entertainment: free 

Total: 38.20 - under £20 each which I'm fairly happy with as it doesn't happen too often. 

On Sunday we also plan to go uptown to celebrate Chinese new year in Soho to welcome the year of the dragon. 

Future trips I want us to do in the next few months include; going to see the 'Woman in black' film starring Daniel Radcliffe- perhaps for Valentines Day as it's released around then. Also to visit Boxhill in Surrey when the weather is a little warmer, and finally to go to Dagenham market to check out the fake designer goods my sister raves about. 

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