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Monday, 9 July 2012

Decisions, decisions....

Just a quick post as I'm currently at work- last week I had a very informal, very unexpected interview with someone from a rival recruitment advertising agency thanks to a friend putting my name forward and the power of LinkedIn.

We met for coffee, had a chat and I have just received an email with the job offer. The salary is 2k more than my current salary, and my current manager and friend has been treated kind of badly by the company after almost five years and is leaving too. I'm kind of in limbo as to what to do, the extra money is enough to cover my monthly train fare, which means things won't be as tight and I can carry on saving as I am now a little more comfortabley. It also means we will be able to borrow more money next year (fingers crossed)....only I've been burned before. What if I leave and it's worse? But then I will never leave and never know. Decisions, decisions indeed. Only time will tell, I have a meeting with my manager tomorrow and then will have to hand my notice in and see what happens because if I go too that leaves just one person in my department. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

July's happiness revolution

Happy 4th July everyone- if you can believe it's July with all the rain we've been having. Anyway, moving swiftly onto this month's good stuff... here goes!

1. Looking forward to a birthday surprise weekend away in Bournemouth I booked for the beginning of August with the BF. I planned it so we can make use of the free south-west train tickets I got through buying my annual season ticket, and so that it is in the middle of my two weeks off work.

2. My mum confirming my parents will be able to give us at least £5,000 towards buying a property next year.

3. A girlie university reunion taking place on Saturday night- we haven't been all together in about three years so should be super exciting!

4. Reading the 50 shades of grey trilogy; I treated myself to these as well as the first hunger games book from Waterstones last week when I got paid. At £23 they were kind of a treat for me and my bookshelf. It's been so good to get into a book again that holds my attention.

5. Quality time at the weekend with the BF, never before in our four and a half years of being together have we had this. Last weekend was so nice.

6. Two weeks off work at the end of the month.

7. A surprise job opportunity presenting itself to me last week, fingers crossed it pans out as I hope.

8. Making more progress using my DSLR camera manually. I need to keep practicing as my Aunt has roped me into taking photos of her wedding in November, where I'm also a bridesmaid :S

9. Completing another shoestring month within my allocated budget, and being one month closer to our/my? goal.

10. Listening to the sound of morning rain while dozing in the morning.