Wednesday 4 April 2012

The happiness revolution

Inspired by Astra @ here's April's happiness list;

1. Sunshine
2. Lighter evenings
3. Nature coming to life & more outdoor photography opportunities
4. Cheese on toast, morning coffees and barbecues- yum!
5. Cosy dinners and film nights in with BF; its fajitas tonight!
6. Slowly realising that owning our own home may eventually come true
7. Easter bank holiday- four whole days off!
8. Easter eggs arriving in the post at work
9. Blogging and one day making some extra money from my efforts
10. Being grateful for what we have

Why not write your own happiness list? xx

Ps. can any visitors have a click on my ads, I'm nearly at £43 but need it to get to £60 before Google releases my payment.

Big thanks to any clickers and commenters too :) x


  1. Dont think you saw this rely on my blog so ive posted it here as well
    It says that the finalized payment will be different to what it says your earnings will be.Ive read also that your not supposed to encourage clicking,yikes , heres my email address email me when you get a moment.

  2. Your list is great. My DH loves Fajitas, his favourite ;-) I joined the revolution too! Have so many smiles reading all the lists. Arwedd x

  3. Ah, cheese on toast. <y son makes the best cheese on toast. I am adding that to my happy list!


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