Thursday, 24 November 2011

The wonder of the humble bean

Around six weeks ago my housemate came back from his mum's house with two tins of kidney beans and one can of chick peas. Knowing my food tastes he said 'I won't be eating them, you can have them if you want them'.

So I stored them at the back of the cupboard, knowing I would probably use them one rainy day.
The tin of chick peas I made into a whole tub of hummus, complete with some roasted red pepper and chili flakes. This made dozens of healthy sandwiches/pittas for work when combined with grated carrot and courgette.

Then last night I really fancied doing a spot of cooking, so I whipped up some kidney bean burgers using the left over tins of kidney beans. One and a half tins made six burgers; two for dinner with some left over salsa from a fajita kit and coconut rice, two for today's lunch with leftover coconut rice, and two are in the fridge ready to be eaten as a pre-gym  snack tomorrow evening- seeing me nicely through to payday!

Here's my improvised bean burger recipe:

Ingredients (All items you can probably find lurking at the back of the cupboard or the bottom of the fridge)

  • One and a half tins of kidney beans
  • One mushroom
  • Half a yellow pepper
  • Half an onion
  • Garlic powder
  • Olive oil
  • Italian seasoning
  • Sprinkle of stuffing mix
  • Flaked almonds (for added crunch)
  • Flour 


  1. Pour all ingredients into a saucepan and leave to heat until beans are soft
  2. Mash all ingredients together, use flower to thicken the consistency
  3. Spoon out onto a baking tray into little round patty shapes
  4. Grill/oven to cook as desired 

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