Friday, 25 November 2011


Things don't seem to be running as smoothly as they should be on the finances front.

Firstly there was the surprise trip to the garage earlier on in the week, then last night there was a media night out at a bar near Carnaby Street in Soho.

Now one day before payday and in the run up to Christmas free food and drinks all night was perfectly timed. However, after succumbing to the pressure of j├Ąger bombs I ended up leaving my new black blazer in the bar and will probably never see it again- sadly proving the age old saying true 'there's no such thing as a free lunch'. Hmpffff.

Then after getting in I picked up our joint account bank statement from the mat in the hall and discover that virgin have charged us £75 for our tv and Internet- it's meant to be around the £40 mark. After their constant f*** ups earlier on this year it doesn't really come as a big surprise.

I would call them but learned the hard way not to call those numbers last month when my phone bill came in £20 more expensive after having to call tfl.
I'm hoping that these annoyances come in threes and that's ours over for a good couple of months.

On a more positive note, just enjoyed another free lunch courtesy of google at one of their marketing events, plus now own a whole bag of google goodies- even cufflinks!

How has everyone elses weeks been? Xx

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