Friday, 3 February 2012

Weekly round up

Happy Friday everyone, just thought I would post quickly on the current financial sitch. My second Barclay's bank card came through in the post yesterday so I am now able to use my sole account for my monthly disposable income. I've decided to do this because at least then I know what will be going where and so on. It also has £0 overdraft, unlike my huuge interest free overdraft in my Santander account which I can dip into now and then- but would obviously rather not, so this new system stops this urge.

I now have £185 disposable income to last the remainder of the month which should be do-able at around £60 per week- anything left over is a bonus. I'm still owed one last £50 payment from the BF for the computer which will then be paid off.

I'm also owed around £23 for a short shift I did at the last minute at the pub, as well as £10 for the mystery shop at the weekend. My Santander account should just about make it through the month, but may go £50 overdrawn due to my standing order joint account payments and the way payday fell, and will fall this month. I should get paid the day after (with any luck) so won't be too bad.

Out for a few drinks with work tonight which is budgeted for, and lunch tomorrow with a friend and then continuing with the no-spend into next week.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Charity shop find and a quick update

A few days ago I was en route to do another mystery shop whereby I go into usually a bank, ask a few questions and fill out a form online and a company deposits £10.00 into my account for my troubles. I usually only accept a mystery shop assignment if it fits into my plans and isn't out of my way otherwise the payment wouldn't be worthwhile.

If anyone fancies becoming a mystery shopper here is the link

I was scheduled to go into the bank at 10am, but had gone straight to the shops after my morning zumba class and was a little early. The high street where I was had lots and lots of charity shops so I thought I would kill some time and have a look around while I waited. I usually like looking for bric-a-brac and purses and handbags in charity shops, and (I think?!) struck gold with this little find.

My current purse, which was a present over a year ago from my sister had a broken zip and any cash I had in it would fall out everywhere, and it was made from a hard material and was kind of plastic-y to hold. I found this purse/wallet thing in one of those bins you find in charity shops and was a snip at just 50p! It also says that it is made from cowhide, so I assume its real leather? Either way, I don't think its bad for just 50p.

Anyways, I have just enjoyed some yummy leftovers from last nights dinner at my desk- spaghetti, home made tomato sauce made from tinned tomatoes, garlic, onion and one yellow pepper with some frozen prawns. Sometimes I think people look at me a little strangely for bringing my own lunch in everyday, and not having super exciting plans scheduled for every single night after work, but I just try to stay focused on my end goal. I really don't want to be paying almost £1000 every month to pay for someone elses mortgage when I'm 30 if I can help it, and eating my own home made lunch and avoiding the pub in the week seems like a small price to pay.

Tonight I plan to use up the box of mushrooms sitting in the fridge with some chopped, fried bacon and perhaps some rice in a sort of freestyle oriental type sauce improvised from soy sauce, white vinegar and fish sauce. I'll make double and take the second portion to work with me tomorrow, then will have the microwave lasagna which is in the freezer on Friday lunchtime.

I've worked out my monthly budget which works out at around £60 disposable income for the next three weeks, which I think should be fine and may even have a little extra left. I'll then transfer this into the Barclays account once the card finally arrives, then all we need to do is for the BF to set up his standing order to me to pay back the CC, transfer the money usually used for council tax into our holiday fund and I think we're heading on the straight and narrow financial path...kind of.

In other news I have also had my hair cut asymmetrically, which is another resolution off the list for this year. It's probably the shortest my hair has ever been on one side, literally just above my left ear but think I have finally got used to it. The colour is still annoying me a bit, as its slightly darker and redder a few inches from my roots but I'm determined to grow my natural colour through this year... perseverance is definitely needed!

Hope you're having a happy Wednesday wherever you are. x