Saturday, 21 January 2012

Gym memberships and exercise

Another quick note today, I cancelled my £42.00 per month gym membership. This is mainly due to changing jobs and having an annual season ticket so I no longer need, or can really justify the cost of running a car too, and I can't get to my gym without my car. That and the parking where we live is super awkward and annoying so can't wait until I don't have to worry about it being parked about five minutes walk away.  I plan on storing my car on my parents drive at home-lucky them!

Those reasons are coupled with the fact the gym has hardly any decent classes starting after 7.30pm in the evening during the week (I can't make any ones starting before that) and the fact the Saturday morning zumba class is impossible to book into. This morning I rang at 7am and the class was already fully booked- they start accepting calls at 6.30am-tis slightly ridiculous, the world seems to have gone zumba crazy!

There's a zumba class on just up the road from me at the local primary school which I might give a go, or my mum and sister go to a class too so I could just go home one night in the week and go with them. I think the classes are usually around £5.00 per class, so I would be saving £22.00 what I'm paying now for my fancy gym membership if I was to go once per week. Alternatively, there is a gym round the corner from my work I could join which is around £50 per month and no contract so I could give that a go and see how much use I get out of it. Hmm.... I guess we'll see!

I wish I was one of those people who could just go running or cycling in the street but it's either too cold, too dark and I don't really feel very safe on my own. Also, I don't like home workout DVD's and think I would probably get in my housemates way too. Anyone have any ideas? 

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